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Wrong Way
  • In this game, you will have to navigate forward with an Ambulance which, to start with will have a fuel reserve of 100 and an invisible power bar set at 100.
  • The ambulance moves forward automatically at a set velocity in the opposite direction of a one way road.
  • When the incoming traffic approaches, the ambulance can avoid the crash by becoming invisible with the invisible button pressed.
  • The invisible power bar continues to decrease when the button is pressed and if the bar becomes zero then the power becomes invalid.
  • However, as soon as the button is released, the power bar is replenished.
  • The ambulance can move forward as long as the fuel is there and once the fuel is exhausted, the game will end unless the player collects the fuel dumps which can be found on the road, fully replenishing the fuel bar, but can be collected only when the ambulance is not in the invisible mode.
  • Once any vehicle crashes the game ends without giving the player a second chance.
  • The number of vehicles passed is the score of the player which gets stored in the local leader board.


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